How to Buy a Gun Online:

Here at Alpha 1 Drop Zone, we are frequently asked how to buy a gun online. Here are the details that you should know:

1. Purchase a gun from an online retailer: In this step, you will contact the seller, establish a shipping cost, and pay.

2. Choose an FFL Location: We are already on file with a number of sellers.  If your seller does not have a current copy of our license on file, give us a call at 316-729-0800 or send us an e-mail at alpha1dropzone@gmail.com. We will take down your Name, Phone Number, Order/Auction Number, a Description of the Firearm, the Sellers Name or Business Name and an E-mail or Fax Number for the Seller.

3. Wait for Shipping: Once we receive the firearm, we immediately log it into our inventory and call to let you know that your transfer order has come in.

4. Complete Transfer: This point is like any other firearms transaction with a licensed dealer.  You will come into the shop with your Driver’s License and Concealed Carry License (if you have one) to fill-out an ATF Form 4473 – Firearms Transaction Record.  After a background check is completed, you can take the firearm home should the background check result allow. If you are a Kansas CCL holder, no check is required, but you must fill-out an ATF Form 4473.

We charge $20.00 Cash or $22.50 with a Debit/Credit card for FFL Transfers, per Serialized Item.

Should you have any further questions about FFL Transfers or would like to have us send our FFL to your seller, please contact us!

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